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The key to a great house comes with a well thought out plan. At Cottage Home Designs we will work with you to first find out your needs and your own personal style, we want our homes to tell a story about the people that live there. We can work with you and your architect or we can work with one of our selected architects to design a home that dreams are made of. When building our homes we only utilize the best craftspeople and the finest materials, as we build homes to last.


We know that more and more Minnesota home owners are choosing to remain in homes and neighborhoods they love. We understand there are many features to your home you may love, but that some of them may need updating and/or may need transformation to keep up with your changing family needs. At Cottage Home Designs, LLC, we can help you see the potential in your house and work with you to create modern, up to date living spaces you’ve always dreamed of.


Throughout the building process, we work with you to make sure you understand the design and building process, while keeping in mind your lifestyle, family and budget needs. We keep in touch with you throughout this process to make sure we are on schedule and look forward to building you the house of your dreams.

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